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Muiden Castle
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Muiden Castle

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Place overview

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About 15 kilometers south of Amsterdam by the Vecht River is the famous tourist destination known as Muiden Castle (Muiderslot). It is one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands owing to its picturesque beauty and spanning view of the city from the castle.

The Muiderslot is also a popular shoot location for many television show sets.


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An antique drawing of the Muiden Castle.
An antique drawing of the Muiden Castle.

The castle was built in 1280 as a defense post for Holland to protect its important water route. It also became a private abode and eventually a state prison. But today, it stands as a museum where visitors can take a guided tour in its medieval period rooms.

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The Muiden Castle has a large number of arms, armors, weapons, and utensils that date back to the 13th century.

Visiting information and tips

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People who want to step back a little from the busy city life can find solace in the walls of Muidenslot. Like many castles, it is also surrounded by a lush garden and orchard that invites relaxation. It has a green tunnel, a vegetable garden, and an herb garden within what used to be its military fortress.

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