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Museum of Bags and Purses
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Museum of Bags and Purses

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[Now closed] Tassenmuseum Hendrikje, Amsterdam Museum of Bags and Purses is another of the city’s historical destinations. It has a large collection of bags that dates back to the sixteenth century. Tassenmuseum is just one of the three museums all over the world specializing in this niche. One of these museums is in South Korea and the other is in Arkansas.

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The exhibits do not only display flashy and fashionable designer bags, but it also features all sorts of items with unusual and unique shapes, as well as a replica of everyday things. They are also made of uncommon materials like exotic animal skins other than leathers. There are even commemorative bags and those that titillate political implications. More than their appearances and grandiose looks, each bag packs a story that the museum holds in preservation.

The museum collection racks up to 5,000 items, showing some prime changes in how bags evolved. Aside from the historic pieces of fashion, visitors can also experience the lavishness of a canal house interior. Located at the Herengracht, this museum lies directly in the historic belt of Amsterdam in an actual 17th-century house.

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The museum seems to have closed permanently in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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