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Norway Country Guide


Located in the Northern region of Europe, the country of Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries with a constitutional monarchy. Officially, the country is known and referred to as the Kingdom of Norway. It is nestled along the Western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula the Kingdom of Norway shares its borders with the countries of Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Recognized as the world’s most peaceful country with a standard of living that is unmatched by any other country in the world, it is a country where its people love nature and are very particular about preserving the environment since they consider themselves as the sons of the soil. But that doesn’t stop the country of Norway from becoming one of the richest countries in the world with their vast oil reserves. In fact, she is the fourth largest exporter of oil in the world.

Despite the location of the country of Norway, the country is home to a temperate climate. This is due to the Gulf Stream which flows northwards along the coastal areas of the country.

If you are planning to visit the country of Norway for the first time, the best time to visit the country is during the months of May and October. One of the top tourist attractions in Norway is its skiing resorts, which are open all year round. Norway is famous for its fjords, tall mountains and glaciers, all of which are ideal for winter sport activities. The different terrain parks found all over the country are ideal grounds for snowboarding and other snow sport activities.

Travelers visiting Norway are also able to enjoy a variety of other activities during their stay in this beautiful country. The love of the people for their environment provides tourists numerous sites where they would be able to hike and enjoy the great outdoors. Tourists can also avail of any of the number of cruises being offered which would provide not just a wonderful view of the Norwegian coast, which is considered as one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Cruises along the Norwegian coast also provide travelers visiting Norway a glimpse on the diverse wildlife living along the coast and the waters surrounding the country.

One of the top tourist attractions here in Norway is the spectacular display of Aurora Borealis. Commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, this is often seen between 6PM and 1AM from late autumn and early spring. While it is not very easy to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, the lucky ones who are able to capture this breathtaking display are left in awe and having an experience that they would never forget in their entire life.

Another top tourist destination is the Sognefjord, which is the longest and deepest of all of the fjords that can be found all over the country. Sognefjord spans a total area of 200 kilometers and end right at the foot of the Jotunheimen Mountains. Packaged tours are offered to tourists to visit the fjord between the months of May and September. If you are planning your trip to Norway between these months, this is something that you would not want to miss.

The History
According to archaeologists, Norway may first have been inhabited by humans as long as twelve thousand years ago, probably from peoples moving north from the area of modern Germany. The country evolved into a collection of petty kingdoms until late in the ninth century when Harald Hairhair gathered the kingdoms together in one great battle and become the first king of the united Norway.

In addition to the solidification of Norway, the Viking Age also brought a time of expansion for the Norwegians who settled places on Iceland, Greenland, Britain, Ireland, and even visited Canada. Norse traditions were slowly replaced by Christian ones in the ninth and tenth centuries and Christianity seeped into the kingdom.

Pacts with the Swedish and Danish crowns united these three countries under Danish control for over four hundred years, although Sweden declared independence from Denmark long before Norway did. Norway was actually ceded to the king of Sweden in 1814, and the country took the opportunity to once again declare their independence and set up a constitution based on French and American models.

You can learn a lot more about the fascinating history of this kingdom by visiting some of the many museums that dot the country, or by touring historical sites on your next visit. Of course, you may be too busy skiing for more than a quick museum trip…

The Land
Norway is a winter destination for many skiers and snowboarders every year, and for a good reason. Allow yourself the excitement of the terrain parks of the country, tearing it up on some of the hottest runs in this wild land before retiring to your hotel for hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. If even that is not hardcore enough for you, try snowkiting. Imagine being pulled along by a parachute-like kite, and then imagine the stunts that you can pull. Amazing stuff!

Of course, you could always just let the dogs do the work. Dog sledding is incredibly popular in the winter in Norway, and provides hours of fun for anyone who wants to give it a go. You can also head to some of the most popular tourist destinations of the winter, like Holmenkollen, which is home to an amazing ski jump, the world’s oldest ski museum, and an awesome ski simulator. Don’t forget about North Cape, either, which is as close as you can get to the North Pole on mainland Europe.

In the summer, you are treated to beautiful weather by which to explore the fjords of Norway. Enjoy the beautiful mountain landscapes and fall in love with the scenery from the cabin of a train as you take a tour up and down the land. Enjoy the sights of waterfalls pouring down the mountains and still, glassy fjords as you enjoy the ride through the kingdom.

Norway is full of natural wonders to explore that will have you so delighted, you might just forget that there are cities and towns to visit, explore, and learn about as well. And with activities like skiing in the summer, taking a fjord cruise, or even hiking on a glacier, there is certainly plenty to do in this amazing country.

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