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Moszna Castle
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Moszna Castle

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Place overview

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Located in a small village Moszna, in southwestern Poland, the Moszna Castle is the most known monument in southern Poland.


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The castle dates back to the 18th century. However, some much older wall traces were found in the hotel's garden, so there is no precise that from which this property precisely dates.


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Moszna Castle is built in the old baroque style. It was partly destroyed by fire in 1896, but it was reconstructed in the same year, with a little castle extension.

The eastern wing of the castle is styled in Neogothic style, and it was built in 1900, about twelve years after the western wing was built in the Neo/Renaissance style.

Although it is filled with different styles, the eclectic style is mostly dominating in the castle.

Site features

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It offers 365 rooms on 7000 square meters. It has a farm with Arab horses that attract horse and sports lovers.

The dining area itself is beautiful, decorated with rich chandeliers, offering tasty international food. All dishes are unique, freshly made, presented in courses.

Moszna Castle is more about history and wandering around through centuries. Therefore some fancy SPA you will not be able to find here.


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The majestic park around the castle has no fence, so it perfectly merges with the surroundings, fields, and forest.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: From 45 Euro.

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