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Radisson Collection Hotel
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Radisson Collection Hotel

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This hotel is a recognizable part of Moscow's skyline, offering a 5-star luxurious service inside a palatial style ambient that provides incredible comfort to its guests.

Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow gives the 'wow-effect' from the outside, as same as from the inside. From the moment you walk in, you will see the majestic interior and the mixture of history and modern luxury. It has been honored with numerous World Travel Awards.


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It was opened in 1957, under the name "Hotel Ukraina", which locals still know by that name, designed in neoclassical style. It is one of the only seven skyscrapers commissioned by Stalin in Moscow. After which, the hotel went through the complete renovation to modernize it, as we know it today.

The hotel recently joined the Raddison Collection and received even bigger recognition for outstanding service and guest experience.


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There are two styles and eras used in the Radisson Collection hotel: the grand imperial style and the modern comfort 5-star style.

Site features

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Through all corridors and rooms, you can see more than 1200 original paintings of many recognizable artists, with a lot of antiquities, which makes you have a feeling that you're in some art gallery or a museum.

The facilities that this hotel offers bring the guest to another level of enjoyment. You will find 19 different restaurants, sports, and wellness facilities here - The Royal Wellness Club with a 50m swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, and spa. Also, here are premium brand boutiques, conference and event facilities, and banquet halls. On the 31st floor, you have a panoramic bar with a beautiful view of Moscow.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: From 166 Euro.

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