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Nestled along the northern European plains, sits the country of Slovakia. The country has once been a part of the country of Czechoslovakia. After it gained its independence from the Czech Republic in 1993, the economy of the country suffered tremendously. Slowly, Slovakia has been able to pick up the pieces with the introduction of modern industries in the country, providing employment for the locals. Farming remains to be the primary means of income for the locals in the country. In fact, 20% of the land in Slovakia is still family-owned farms that produce a wide variety of crops such as potatoes, sugar beets and grains.

Slovakia is a country that is characterized by a large flat terrain with rolling farmlands. This is only broken by the Sudeten and Carpathian Mountain ranges in some parts of the country. The best time to experience the beauty of the landscape of the country of Slovakia is during the summer months, making it a prime tourist attraction for travelers visiting the country of Slovakia wanting to enjoy the great outdoors and marvel at the beauty of nature. During the winter months, the mountains attract adrenaline junkies as the snow covered peaks make a perfect place to enjoy a variety of extreme winter sport activities.

The mighty Danube River flows through here in the country in Slovakia and serves as a source for hydroelectricity which powers much of the country. It also serves as a strategic waterway, especially for transporting cargo and other commodities.

If you are planning to visit the country of Slovakia, the best place to start your journey is in the capital city of Bratislava. The city was founded back during the 10th century and for a time served as the capital city of nearby Hungary from 1536 to 1784. This rich history provides travelers visiting the country of Slovakia a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage in the country. One of the top tourist attractions here is the Parliament Building which was once the home of the local archbishop.

The Slovakians are very proud of their culture. All year round, travelers visiting the country of Slovakia can catch a number of different folk festivals where the locals come out and wear their regional costumes while they enjoy traditional songs and dances. These festivals are also a great chance for you to catch a puppet show, which continues to be popular among the locals. After all, the country had been considered the birthplace of European puppetry.

Another prime tourist attraction in the country of Slovakia is the valley between the Biele Karpaty Mountains. The valley is home to the quaint village of Trencianske Bohuslavice where a magnificent baroque chapel still stands. The scenery viewed from this valley makes this a remarkable place to enjoy cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Recently, Slovakia has tapped into their natural resources to provide more tourist destinations to entice more travelers to visit the country. One of these is the natural bath springs found all over the country, particularly in the village of Liptovsky Ján. The healing properties of the mineral waters found in these baths springs have been responsible for the growing thermal tourism industry to blossom in the country.

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