Picos de Europa, located in Spain, literary means 'Peak of Europe' - a mountain range located at Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria, Castile and Leon. It is part of Cantabrian Mountains. It is famous for its wildlife like brown bears, wolves and wild boars. The area that lies near Picos de Europa is safe for trekking and hiking. The area is more famous with mountaineers, mountain walkers and climbers. There are good network of established refuges, but the best spot for climbing is Naranjo de Bulnes. Picos de Europa is the only place which has a mixture of thriving economy, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. People here practice traditional methods of farming, which is why most of wildlife is still flourishing. Covered in the Ntional Park, parque nacional, this mountain range has over 1400 varieties of vascular plants and more than 150 species of butterflies. Apart from that there are over 100 pairs of griffon vulture. The Mountain range consists of three distinct massifs, Central, Western and Eastern or also known as Picos de Cornion. The Western and Central is separated by 1.5 km of deep Cares Gorge, with Cain Village at its head. More or less, most of the rock is purely glacial and limestone. This contributed to the beauty of Alpine Karst. Its highest peak is Torre de Cerredo, with 2648 meters of altitude, although some altitudes still reach 2400 m. The best time to visit this spectacular place is from May to Early July when the rich temperate grasslands are swarming up with orchids and butterflies.