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Top 7 Attractions in Basque Country

Popular Basque Country landmarks and tourist spots

  • Bilbao is a beautiful city to walk around especially in the old town area, Casco Viejo. This neighborhood, situated on the right bank of the river, is full of stunning Basque architecture and interesting sights. The heart of the Casco Viejo lies around the historical seven streets of Bilbao, the oldest part of the neighborhood, featuring enticing shops, cafés and an abundance of taverns to choose from for an excellent culinary experience ...

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  • The Azkuna Zentroa (formely "Alhóndiga") - that was completely remodeled by French designer Philippe Starck in 2010 - is one of the most symbolic buildings of Bilbao. What was once the city's wine warehouse, is today a cultural center occupying a 43,000-square-meters site in the Indautxu district. The Alhondiga hosts many exhibitions and is home to a media center, libraries, a multiplex cinema, a variety of shops and restaurants ...

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  • The Ribera Market is situated in the southern corner of the Old Town, right next to the river. This marketplace, built in 1929, is a perfect place to experience the everyday life of Bilbao. The 10,000-square-meter space is characterized by its open spaces inside and over-sized stained glass windows that allow natural light to enter. Here you find high-quality Basque culinary products, fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, and other ingredients used to prepare the regional cuisine ...

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  • The Basilica of Begoña - featured by an impressive triumphal arch in its facade - is located on a picturesque hilltop that overlooks the Old Town of Bilbao. This important pilgrimage church features an image of the Virgin of Begoña, patroness of the city and without a doubt, the most important Virgin in Bilbao (the locals often call her “Amatxo,” which means mom in Basque). The easiest way to reach the Basilica is by taking the lift from behind the Church of San Nicolás ...

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  • Bilbao sits at the bottom of a valley, surrounded by the slopes of Mount Artxandra ("Monte Archandra" in Spanish). From the summit of this mountain, you are awed by the spectacular panoramas of Bilbao's urban landscape. Here you can also find lovely areas for taking a walk and admiring the views. Mount Artxandra can be reached by a cable car that leaves from Plaza del Funicular and only takes three minutes to travel through the hillside of the Arangoiti district to the top ...

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