Pamplona's Bull running (Encierro in Spanish) is also known as the festival of San Fermin. The official opening of the festival takes place on 6th of July of each year with marking of 'chupinazo'. Chupinazo is a ritual that is done on the casa Consistorial balcony. The festival fervor is such that thousands of people gather together in the famous Pomplona square where mayor announces the commencement of the festival. People launch a rocket and begin the party. Even though it is not clear as to when Bull Running really started in this region, evidence from 13th century suggests that this festival must have started that time. One thing is for sure that the celebrations that take place in the modern times have been evolved from this single piece of history and from the individual, viable and bullfighting festivals that can be tracked to 14th century. The entire face of the festival has changed drastically with music pouring in. People began dancing festivities and bullfights became common. Earlier the festival was conducted on October 10th. However due to its popularity the Pamplona Council decided to move it to a better and more weather conducive time – July 7th. Thus the festival of San Fermin remains fixed till this day and the first bull run takes place at 8 am on 7th July in the morning while the last on 14th July. The festival was mainly within the locals. However the first foreigner activity was written in the chronicles of 17th and 18th century. With lots of music, dancing and marrying the religious aspect of the festival took a back seat.