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Great Fosters
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Great Fosters

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Place overview

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Situated in the heart of Surrey, this building has a 4-century long history. No wonder why this hotel is on our list. Just the look at the hotel exterior and the magnificent garden filled with different botanicals, fountains, pool, bridges, hedges of all types and shapes, and beds of flowers are just breathtaking. The whole place together looks like a real-life fairytale.


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In 1930, Sir Harold Sutcliffe bought the building, and after some restoration, Great Fosters became a hotel. The Great Fosters Hotel quickly became a synonym for wealth and luxury, hosting famous people worldwide, including Queen Mary, Charlie Chaplin, and Ascot Ball.

Alexander Hotels bought this property in 2018, and it is ranked as a 5-star hotel.

Site features

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Great Fosters offers 43 suites and bedrooms, which are individually designed, each offering some unique antiquities collected over the years.

There is a Michelin star restaurant inside the hotel called "Tony Parkin" in the Tudor Room, which offers beautiful Renaissance decor. The whole atmosphere inside has a medieval mystical spirit, with reduced lighting and vintage lights and windows. For more contemporary restaurants and modern European cuisine, you can go to The Estate Grill and enjoy casual service and delicious food. You can also have a cup of tea in the afternoon in their tearoom and enjoy the magical view.

Facilities for guests include SPA (offering a variety of massages), pool, tennis court, a beautiful garden in front of the building, and event spaces. It is a perfect place for a fairytale wedding within the beautiful garden.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: from 273 Euro.

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