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Langley Castle Hotel
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Langley Castle Hotel

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Place overview

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The Langley Castle turned as a hotel in northern England near the town of Hexham.


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Originally built as a medieval tower house, it has been a part of Northumberland's landscape since 1350. Through history, it started as medieval tower house which has been a part of Northumberland's landscape since 1350. Then it was expanded as a fortified castle. In 1364 it was destroyed by fire and remained a ruin for 500 years until it was renovated in 1880.

The medieval complex is now operated as a hotel.

Site features

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Some of the walls are 7-foot thick.

All rooms are unique and furnished to a high standard, with a sauna and bath. There are nine rooms within the castle and further 18 rooms which are known as Castle View accommodation.
The nature around the Langley Castle Hotel is fabulous and the surroundings give a unique experience to its guest.

It offers drawing rooms, with a log fire and a beautiful Josephine Restaurant. Everything in the restaurant is freshly made with local ingredients, and the fish is the specialty on the menu.


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The landscape around the hotel is just beautiful for hiking and spending some quality time in nature. For hiking, you can hire a local tour guide who can pick you up at the hotel and take you through the rich history of the surroundings and the Langley Castle itself. You will walk through Roman history, Stone Age, and Jacobite history.

Visiting information and tips

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Rate per night: From 180 Euro

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