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Bahrain Country Guide


Lying in the archipelago of Middle East in the Persian Gulf and tucked in the seas of Saudi Arabia and Qatar is the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain’s Highlights

Bahrain is home to the Qal`at al-Bahrain, which is cited as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also where you will find the Bahrain National Museum, which displays artifacts dating back some 9,000 years ago and shows the first human inhabitants in the island. One of the prestigious highlights in Bahrain is the yearly Bahrain Grand Prix F1 Race that is held at the region’s International F1 Circuit on April of every year. The climate though may be humid and hot, as it is the onset of the summer season. Because of the high temperature, water activities are extremely tempting. Sailing and scuba diving have become popular with the warm and calm waters all over the Arabian Gulf. There is also an international golf course 15 minutes from Bahrain. It just looks lovely with the championship course featuring landscapes of palms and desert plains and with five lakes within. And the camel ride along the highway is a must-do activity. Before leaving the country, invest in an expensive watch and other jewelries. You can easily negotiate a price from the shopping malls in Seef or at the Bahrain City Center.

Plane. The Bahrain International Airport is the primary base for the Gulf Air which has connections throughout the whole region and out to London. There are daily flights from the United Arab Emirates that flies from Sharjah International Airport.

Bus. There are six buses that run from Dammam to Manama via Khobar in Saudi Arabia. There are also public buses that run to various parts of the island. This can be helpful but it is difficult to obtain bus schedules and maps.

Car. It is a 26-kilometer trip from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. There are cars for rent but that cannot be taken across the Causeway. Cars for rent are usually rented to go and look around the island.

Taxi. A taxi can be hired when you need to get around Bahrain. There are a few waiting outside of the major shopping malls and hotels. Bahrain limo services can also be used. There are also unofficial taxis that wait at the end of the bus stations that offer slightly lower rates than the limos.

Although Bahrain is considered as a gracious host, it is but imperative to show and practice what their culture dictates. You can still get arrested for publicly displaying affection for the opposite sex. And wear the proper attire in places where there are local Arabs, avoid see-through dresses for women. As tourists, we must learn to respect the culture of the place you are visiting to enjoy the vacation to the Kingdom of the Two Seas.

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