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Qatar Country Guide


Qatar is one of the Arabic speaking countries found in the Middle East with an estimated population of over one million where 95 percent are practicing Islam. Qatar is a peninsula surrounded the Persian Gulf except to its south where Saudi Arabia borders the country.

The Coastline of Qatar

There is one region where tourists keep flocking to, the Khor Al Udeid or the Inland Sea. Tourists and even the locals cannot seem to get enough of the tranquility and relaxing environment of the beach. What make this place more attractive are the tall and exquisitely shaped sand dunes where people can race till their hearts drop. The natural beauty of Qatar is best seen in this place, making tourists and visitors come back for more memories.

Running along the Arabian Gulf coastline is the 7-km long bay area perfect for walking, bicycling, and rollerblading. There are many attractions in this area, like parks, restaurants, and cafeterias, just the right place for family getaways.

A five minute boat ride from the bay is the Palm Tree Island, which is a superb place for water sports. Coming to the island is never boring since aside from swimming in the warm gulf waters, children may also enjoy camel rides and other amusement rides.

Museums and Other Historical Spots

Doha Fort was built during the Turkish era in the nineteenth century and is located right in the heart of Qatar. Tourists are given the chance to get to know the history of Qatar through this place, which makes it the perfect choice for those who are quenching for knowledge. Another place would be the Umm Salal Muhammad, which does not only show the spectacular heritage of the country but also shows a magnificent architectural creation.

Seventeen kilometers from Doha is the Al Wakra Museum, one of the country’s popular tourist attraction. This was once a small town for fishermen, which became a place showing spectacular architecture and featuring various artifacts that shows insight of the history of the country. The Ethnographic Museum of Qatar is another place that gives a concise historical background of the country and is also a place to remind everyone of the lifestyle of the ancestors of Qataris.

Beliefs and Traditions of Qataris

The official language of Qatar is Arabic while English is its unofficial second language. The country has mixed population, with thousands of workers coming from countries of Asia, the UAE, and the United States. If one plans on visiting Qatar, there are a few things that should be remembered, like:

The Qataris are very particular in respecting their Islamic beliefs. Women are not to wear skimpy outfits.

- Any nationality can wear the thobe, the Qatari traditional clothes.

- The bottom of the feet should not be exposed to a Qatari when dining together.

- The left hand for the people of Qatar is considered the “dirty hand” so it is not right to eat, to shake hands, and to hand a package using the left hand.

- Qataris are very hospitable.

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