Banff National Park

Banff National Park

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Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada offers activities in summer and in winter that will likely please nearly everyone in the family. If you decide to stay in the National Park there are thirteen campgrounds to choose from. Each one is operated by Parks Canada. There is also a commercial lodging option in the area.

In addition to a number of information centers being open year-round to help you better enjoy your stay, there are also the Upper Hot Springs which enjoy extended hours during the holidays. Once you have arrived in the area you may want to use the bus service to explore the tri-town area of Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise. There are visitor centers in both Banff and Lake Louise.

There are a variety of land and water activities to take part in, year-round. Arrangements can be made to allow wedding ceremonies as well. From swimming to ice skating you will find your favorites and things you have wanted to try in Banff National Park.

If you are planning on visiting the park you may want to verify the weather conditions on the website. Once you have arrived in the park you can then monitor updates via the park's own radio station.
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