Don't you sometimes wish life didn't move quite so fast? What if you could step into a different world? A world in existence a very long time ago: .70+ Million years ago, to be more specific. This is a place marked with harsh landscapes that have been carved by centuries of semi-tropical temperatures, wind and rain. This is a place of buried secrets of a long-ago world. Those that lived here once are gone now, but they left the evidence of their existence behind. Where is this other world? It's located in spectacular Alberta, Canada, (a mere 2 hours drive east from Calgary) at Dinosaur Provincial Park. This is your chance to take a break from the hurried pace of our world and step into one from millions of years ago and ponder what life must have been like when dinosaurs roamed here and around the globe.Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta, Canada, has the largest known concentration of fossilized dinosaur bones and other animal species living in the water and on land alongside the great dinosaurs. Because of this massive concentration of perfectly-preserved fossils and the wealth of information that it holds for us in our world today: Dinosaur Provincial Park was named a World Heritage site in 1980. An impressive thirty-nine different dinosaurs species have been identified from the fossils contained here, and a whopping 500+ samples have been excavated for further research from this valuable, historical site.The area of Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta, Canada, has safe-guarded the remains of the dinosaurs and other animals of long-ago. We use the information gained from that to help us in our world today. Although it can be said that this area has been a keeper of the past: the region of and around Dinosaur Provincial Park also supports a wide range of wildlife living today. Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta, Canada, makes for an excellent family vacation. You can uncover an abundance of information and education about dinosaurs and our world's evolution and spot wildlife roaming along the way. As the sun sets, listen carefully, and you're likely to hear the haunting howls of the coyotes living in the area. The natural formations of the land here are some of the most spectacular creations that nature has ever undertaken. A vacation to Dinosaur Provincial Park will be so much fun your children won't even mind that it's very educational too.The World-Wide-Web gives you instant access to literally thousands and thousands of pages about Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta, Canada, to help you in planning your next vacation. Not only can you learn about the historical significance of certain excavations from this World Heritage Site, but you can also discover discounted vacation packages, including food and lodging, all online from the convenience of your home.So get surfing! Plan a vacation the whole family will enjoy. While in Alberta, take advantage of the other opportunities that exist here to pack even more fun into your vacation. The area has plenty of waterways for fishing, swimming, and waterskiing. Take a hike and experience the scenery and wildlife around you. After a long day, relax to some folk music and delicious cosine.