Icefields Parkway is a high-altitude parkway, in Alberta, Canada, that follows the path of many significant geographical features. It follows the path of the Continental Divide. This central feature of the Canadian Rockies is also significant for being the watershed point of the entire country. From here water wither flows east or the water flows west. You can access the Icefields Parkway at numerous points including Edmonton and Calgary. Both are home to international airports. The 143 mile long scenic parkway is also known as highway 93. It offers a view of the Columbia Icefield, from which the Parkway's name comes. A park permit is required to travel along the Parkway. No commercial trucks are permitted and road closures due to weather are not uncommon. You can view numerous majestic geological formations while traveling on the Parkway, so taking a camera is not a bad idea; not taking precautions of traffic is. You can view waterfalls, river crossings, ridges, summits and more. Campgrounds are common along the parkway, so taking a leisurely pace is not a problem. On some sections bicycling is common as well. There are tours and opportunities for self-supported cyclists to ride.