Established in 1907, Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada, is the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The park is well-known for the Columbia Icefield and Marmot Basin among other features. There are more than ten different notable attractions and ten different notable regions within the park. Jasper has three ecological zones, which are home to over 1300 species of plants. Some of the common species are arnica, paintbrush and wild rose. The park is stretched in more than 10,000 sq km area and has Maligne Canyon and Athabasca Glacier. If you do decide to stay there are numerous options available to you. These include a new camping experience. The park is offering visitors the chance to stay in a prepared camping site. The site includes a cottage tent and many other pieces of equipment. Apart from that there are hotels in the park area. While the park does offer some distinct examples of rugged and authentic nature, you can relax and stay in refined comfort. You can explore dunes, hot springs, lakes, mountains, and one of the only ice fields accessible by road. There is also a mine site available to visitors of Jasper National Park. Some of the park is closed from November until October though, so be certain to verify online, or contact before arrival.