Inside the Jasper National Park, you will find a mountain in the valleys of two rivers - Mount Edith Cavell that is located in the Athabasca River and Astoria River valleys in Alberta, Canada. The mountain is known for its magnificent view and the wonderful trails that are accessible via a trailhead at the end of Mount Edith Cavell road. Along the same road you will also find access to the Tonquin Valley trail system which has its own distinct pleasures. From the trailhead a walk of a little more than two miles will bring you to Cavell Meadows. This is an experience in itself for some, but what nearly everyone enjoys from this vantage point is the view of the hanging glacier. Angel Glacier, situated high above can be seen to sit and hang over a cliff line in the mountains from the meadow. This walk may prove strenuous and exhilarating though. It is reported to rise 1,214 feet along the way. You may want to pack a picnic or at least some water for the trek. There is at least one hostel located along Mount Edith Cavell Road, so if you want to stay the night in the area you will have options. For additional information about the weather conditions, closure and other accommodations you can visit Canada's National Park websites or the Jasper National Park's website.