If you enjoy immersive experiences then you may be thrilled by the Heritage Park Historical Village experience. This historical experience is waiting for you in Alberta, city of Calgary, Canada. You can learn about the past as it was and experience the past as if it still existed today. The town is divided into four sections that include the Hudson's Bay Company Fur Trading fort (1864), the Pre-Railway Settlement Village (1880), the Railway Praire Town (1910), and the Heritage Town Square (1930's and 1940's) that was opened in 2009. Each of these provides visitors with information about the time that they are placed in and about the specific locations that they depict. There are activities appropriate for visitors of nearly every age and most interests. The attractions include a working steam locomotive, and a reproduction paddle boat that operates in the adjacent reservoir. There is also an antique mid-way with working amusement park rides and a working-order hotel, smithy, bakery, and restaurant, as well as several shops. The new Heritage Park Village is planned to be a year-round attraction. It includes a gasoline museum that houses antique cars and other artifacts. It also has an interpretative brewery for those that are interested. Most of the park is seasonal though, so verify before visiting.