The High Level Bridge & Street Car on top of the Saskatchewan River was originally built in 1913 to join the towns of Edmonton and Strathcona in Alberta, Canada. This bridge was originally designed for pedestrian traffic and for very low amount of automobile traffic, and even today trucks and other heavy vehicles are not allowed to use this narrow bridge mainly because of the low clearance that it offers. This bridge forms a historic architecture that has seen lots of changes and maintenance works in the past many years and which include the introduction of the Great Divide Waterfall created in 1980 by Peter Lewis, a great artist that created a waterfall that drops 150 feet from the top of the bridge into the river. This wonderful man made waterfall functions during weekends in the summer time. Another addition to the high level bridge is the street car that was introduced is the facility to travel on the electric car which runs from May to October every year and which gives the tourists the opportunity to travel with style and admire the beauty of the bridge and the panoramic view that it offers of the historic town. During special festival times it is run according to the needs of the crowds.