The Alberta Legislature Building is located in Edmonton and it serves the purpose of the legislative assembly of Alberta, a western province of Canada. This is a structural monument that dates back to the early 1900's and was designed by architects at that time. The style of the building is very French as that was considered to be the best architecture at that time which gave the building the sense of power, tradition and permanence and there is no doubt that this building is a great example of all these qualities combined in our platform. The Alberta Legislature building is characterized by a large central dome, with a combination of massive columns and archways in a symmetrical way. The interior of the building also has its own architectural beauty and textures which include the extensive use of marble, oak wood and brass. These materials were all imported at the time of the construction of the building that took about 4 years to complete. There are many tours available on everyday basis to go and see this monumental piece of architecture and the building is very well connected to the central LRT station. The Alberta Legislature building is constructed on the Beaux Arts style which is a combination of Egyptian, Greek and roman features combined together to create an impressive monument.