There are so many wonderful museums in Alberta, but one of the favorites of everyone who visits is the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, formerly the Provincial Museum of Alberta. This museum contains exhibits of native culture, local wildlife, and contains a number of collections that are interesting and informative. Their mission is to simply tell the story of the people, places, and culture of Alberta. The Royal Alberta Museum supports several galleries that include: 1. The Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal Culture that contains more than 3000 artifacts of the First People of the area spanning 11,000 years, and is said to be an amazing story of 'triumph and survival'. 2. The dioramas of the Wild Alberta Gallery depict the interactions of local ecosystems and native animal, flora, and fauna of the area. 3. The Natural History Gallery contains the Bug Room with exhibits of exotic and some of the largest insects on the planet, a gallery of the local geological structures, gems, and minerals, along with a Bird Gallery featuring species from around the world. 4. With a focus on the Cretaceous and Quaternary era of the dinosaur and ice ages, the Fossils: Creatures from the Depths of Time gallery is a truly fascinating arcade. 5. The last gallery, Our Green World, focuses on the flora and fauna of Alberta's four ecological regions. With a wide assortment of exhibitions, historical collections, geological and ecological galleries, the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton is one that every guest will enjoy visiting.