Ever want to visit a Ukrainian village, but the thought of distance to the Ukraine, not to mention the cost, prohibits undertaking that journey? The solution is the Ukrainian Cultural Center east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Depicting the lives of Ukrainian Canadian settlers between 1899 and 1930, this village provides some interesting cultural and heritage information for visitors. This very interesting village that is divided into three areas, the Farmsteads, the Rural Community and the Town, and it contains the homes of three of the original settler's families, and a variety of things to observe relating to Ukrainian life. 1. The Farmstead includes the homes of Iwan Pylypow, from Austrian Galicia who was the first Ukrainian to immigrate to Canada and was a logging contractor looking seeking a better life. The second home belonged to William Hawrelak, who became the first Ukrainian major of Edmonton. The third home was William Yurko's, of Romanian descent, who was a cabinet member in the Alberta government. 2. There are 43 historic buildings from around Alberta that have been moved to this heritage village to depict the lifestyle and culture of Ukrainian life, and include several gift shops with authentic local crafts. 3. Music, dance, authentic food, parades, and a variety of arts and crafts displays all help portray life in the area. 4. Three Ukrainian churches that are practically frozen in time and are beautifully painted indoors. The Ukrainian Heritage Cultural Village is a delightful place to learn about the Ukrainian people's culture.