Want to know where one of the largest malls in North America is located? Then head up to the West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; covering over six million square feet, it is the fifth largest shopping mall in the whole world. This amazing mall has some major attractions that will delight everyone from the most casual to the most serious shopper. It includes the following major attractions: 1. With over 800 stores, shoppers of all mindsets will undoubtedly find millions of items to ensure a successful shopping experience. No one should return home disappointed from a visit here. 2. Galaxyland is an indoor amusement park featuring a triple-loop roller coaster, and 23 various other rides from beginner to the experienced thrill-seekers. The Haunted Castle and a 3D fun house add to the enjoyment of this area of the mall. 3. World Waterpark is the world's largest indoor waterpark, covering 4.9 acres, containing the world largest indoor wave pool, a high speed water slide, a tube ride, raft slide, a bungee tower, and a small dolphin-themed children's park; all providing thrills for the whole family. 4. Sea Life Caverns is a unique indoor salt-water lake with an extraordinary and entertaining sea lion show, bumper boats, and a replica of the Santa Maria. 5. The Ice Palace is a hockey-sized ice skating rink that is immensely popular with visitors to the mall. The West Edmonton Mall provides an immeasurable variety of great entertainment for young and old alike.