For those who always wanted to participate in the gold rush, Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada can bring that fantasy to life. This is an historic town that was created when Billy Barker uncovered his fortune by striking gold, and once that happened many fortune seekers arrived hoping for the same lucky streak. Many of these old gold rush towns became ghost towns, but for some reason this one survived and thrived. Truly, Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada is a great place to spend a long weekend occupied in any one of the fascinating activities, such as: 1. For those wanting to experience the exhilaration of finding gold, panning for gold can be great fun – particularly if a gold nugget is actually found! 2. While here, visit Chinatown, it boasts more pre-railroad Chinese buildings and artifacts of the railway era than any other city in North America. 3. Very few Cornish Water Wheels still exist, but the village provides an exhibition from this equipment from the 1870s that’s interesting information. 4. Stagecoaches were the predominant method of “mass transportation” during the 1800’s and there is an authentic stagecoach that visitors can take a ride in around the village. 5. For those who always wanted to try their hand cooking on an old wood stove, Miss Wendle provided cooking demonstrations for the guests. 6. Guests wanting to see how a blacksmith plies his trade can see this demo in the village. For an interesting long weekend, a trip to Barkerville will be great fun and entertaining.