Mount Carleton is the highest peak and elevation in the Canadian Maritime Provinces at 2690 feet. As part of the International Appalachian Trail, it is named after New Brunswick's first lieutenant Governor – Thomas Carleton. Formed as a monadnock, Mount Carleton has high historical and geographic importance. The mountain here has igneous rock remains after a Mesozoic surface was uplifted for creating a plateau. The ongoing erosion by water, wind and glacier ice has formed this mountain. The location is easily accessible with good paved roads but has no towns or cities in the vicinity, with the closest being Nictau – 32 kms away. Mount Carleton is part of the Mount Carleton Provincial Park which houses several scenic mountains, lakes and has now become a popular camping spot with a growing interest in activities like mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, photography and a popular hiking trail. Wildlife enthusiasts will see an abundance of the white tailed deer, black bear and moose in this region. Bird watchers can look forward to sighting the rare Bicknell's Thrush in this area with its melody of flutelike tones. While this location is popular all year round, you are bound to feel the chill even in summer owing to its altitude. On the hiking front, Mount Carleton forms the eastern trail for a medium or moderate hiking experience being approximately 4.5 kms one way. The average time to complete it from the East would be 1.5 hours while from the west is recorded to be about 2 hours.