An amazing destination at the mouth of the Petitcodiac River and Shepody Bay is Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, Canada. It is home to one of the most unique rock formations that is know across the planet, but it can only be visited during Shepody Bay’s low tide. There are outdoor activities, museums, and sports for travelers, and the natural beauty of the place is unsurpassed.

Planning for a vacation to Hopewell Cape will be exciting for the traveler because there is so much to see and do.

1. The world renown Hopewell Rocks created by the water sluicing through the cracks and crevices in the rocks have eroded them into some fascinating structures and unusually shaped formations. People can walk around and explore the area during low tide.

2. The Albert County Museum is an interesting conglomeration of the people from this area in the 1700s, including farmers, explorers, fur traders, artists, and even a convicted murderer. There are plenty of artifacts to depict life during those days.

3. Located on Shepody Bay, there are opportunities for boating and local fishermen will be happy to schedule fishing trips for tourists to the area.

4. There are also numerous trails around the area where visitors who love nature can hike, bicycle, or take a picnic to see the remarkable flora and fauna of this amazing area.