The Western Brook Pond is a Canadian lake located in the Gros Morne National Park of Newfoundland. The pond is situated in the Appalachian Mountains and is more of a fjord than a lake. On all sides, this pond is surrounded by the steep rocky walls of the mountains. The walls are around 2000 ft high and the pond is of great interest to tourists and geologists. The pond itself is 16 km long and 165 m deep. Earlier, the pond was full of salt water. But when the glaciers melted, all the salt water was pushed out and instead fresh water filled it. People can easily access the pond as there are paths and trails leading to the spot. Two tour boats, Westbrook II and III, cruise the lake during the peak tourist seasons. These boats can accommodate 70 and 90 passengers, respectively, on board and are approved by the Coast Guard. To board the boat, one must take the Gros Morne National Park pass. From the boat, one can see the breathtaking view of the glacier carved fjord with waterfalls and wildlife. The tour is for a maximum of two hours. The boat tour has been featured in many magazines and television programs also.