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Top 2 Attractions in Northwest Territories

Popular Northwest Territories landmarks and tourist spots

  • Nahanni National Park is located in the Northwest Territories region of Canada near Fort Simpson. You can visit the park's headquarters there and many people take a small plane to one of the headwaters found within the park. Overland access into the park is very challenging and must be done through Tungsten in the Yukon. In order to have an overnight visit in the park you must get a permit from the park office ...

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  • The Northern Lights or aurora borealis is one of Canada's many natural wonders. These lights dance across the night sky in shades of green, red, and blue. While it is possible to spot these lights year round outside of the big cities, the fall and winter are the best times for viewing them. Also, there are prime viewing spots across the provinces that may also offer a viewing package ...

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