A scenic highway, Cabot Trail, measuring 298 kms (185 miles), is in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, located in northern Iverness and Victoria county on Cape Breton Island. The road has several curves and overlooks the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Driving on this road requires the visitor to complete the drive along the full loop and will not be able to cut across in between. Without any stops, this full distance can be covered in approximately five hours. The Cabot Trail is the linking route to eight connecting communities along the trail namely Beddeck, St Anne's, Ingonish, Belle Cote, Cheticamp, Dingwall and cape North, each reflecting a distinct culture and history while serving as primary regions for tourist activities. Varied types of accommodation with charming hospitality are available in all these regions either with camp sites, motels or cozy inn's. It makes the journey memorable especially in summer with some scenic stops. Along this route it is recommended to explore the Margaree Harbor for fishing, the Salmon museum or stop at Cheticamp – the largest village on Cape Breton Island's Acadian coast or experience the thrill of hiking in the Cape Bretons National Park. Cabot Trail captures the essence of an ideal vacation destination in any season with a blend of beauty, wilderness or fun activities like Whale Watching, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, bird watching, kayaking, skiing and snowmobiling.  Playing golf and experiencing the local traditions and festivals like the music festival, Celtic Colors, all add to the experience.