Cape Smokey is located on the eastern side of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is considered to be one of the highest peaks in this region. Travelers visiting Cape Smokey are treated to spectacular and breathtaking sceneries on their way to the park which is situated on the top of the mountain as they travel through the Cabot Trail, which is a coastal road which doubles up as a great trail to go cycling and hiking. During the summer months, Cape Smokey is a great place where families can go to enjoy the great outdoors. The park offers a variety of different activities that would be enjoyed by the entire family such as hiking and biking through any of the many trails found here. There are also a number of different picnic grounds where families can gather and enjoy dining in the great outdoors. Cape Smokey is also a popular destination during the winter months. Because of it being one of the highest mountains in all of Nova Scotia, it receives a huge amount of snowfall, making it ideal for skiing and other winter activities. This place offers a total of 16 different runs of different degrees of difficulty which could be enjoyed by beginners and advanced skiers alike. Visitors are brought to the top of the mountain with the use of two ski lifts, which also offers some of the most beautiful winter sceneries with the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the view of the white, snow-capped mountain.