Located in Nova Scotia, the Fortress of Louisbourg is a replica of the fortress that was built by the French in the early to mid 1700s. It was primarily designed to protect against assaults from invaders along the coast, but they overlooked one minor flaw – invaders can also attack from the land side of the fort. It was the most significant bargaining chip that ended the “War of the Austrian Succession” when control of the fort was returned to the French; making this fort of significant historical value.

In addition to the abundant history the Fortress of Louisbourg there are several activities that are available to tourists, including:

1. The town of Louisbourg is nearby and offers tourists the opportunity to spend a great shopping in the village stores or finding some great places to dine.

2. Be sure to see the “Governor’s Apartment” and “Kings Bastion Barracks” for a glimpse of the living quarters of the solders nearly 250 years ago.

3. Located on Cape Breton’s Atlantic side, this area offers visitors the opportunity to go fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or sailing in the nearby bay.

4. There are some beautiful areas for taking a nice long walk, going for a hike, or bicycling through some great trails and paths that are quite scenic and makes for a great way to spend the day.

5. There are also come terrific areas for picnics and family gatherings.

This Fortress of Louisbourg is an exceptional historical site where visitors can learn about the history of the area.