Although time travel has not yet been invented, visiting Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada allows visitors to travel back to a 1860s village, the Upper Canada Village, to experience life as it was back then. This village depicts the daily life of the inhabitants that includes their religion, music, what their agricultural entailed, their methods of communications, and their games – everything that touched their lives on a daily basis.

While visiting the Morrisburg village there are a variety of events that guests will find interesting and fun, including:

1. The Family Activity Centre provides educational experiences for the whole family, teaching a variety of activities, including how to put the patterns on tin pieces, how wool is hand-carded, and writing with a quill pen.

2. Take a ride in a wagon built in the 1800s – it’s actually considered to be their unique form of mass transportation.

3. Catch a journey on the tow scow that a horse on the bank draws along the canal. It was used to carry goods between the village and the farms.

4. The horticulturalists will enjoy a relaxing stroll through the Queen Elizabeth Gardens, covering 50 acres of beautiful flowering plants, and a spectacular garden of roses.

5. History buffs must see the Heritage Village that includes commemorations and a monument dedicated to the Battle of Crysler’s Farm, honoring the soldiers who died during the War of 1812.

Visitors to Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada will have a great experience and can return with a unique souvenir – a sepia-tone family photograph in 1860’s period costumes.