Situated on the spectacular Picton Bay, Picton, Ontario, Canada is an historic community that received its moniker in honor of Sir Thomas Picton, who was a hero in the Waterloo Battle. During World War II it housed a School for the Royal Air Force specializing in armaments and bombing. It is a charming and scenic area that visitors will find a unique place to visit. Since it is located on a Bay off of Lake Ontario, Picton has a variety of activities that visitors to the area will be sure to enjoy. 1. For the wine connoisseurs, there are several wineries that are beginning to produce excellent vintage wines that guests can sample during the tours. 2. Located in the Bay, it’s convenient for a variety of water-related sports, such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and boating. 3. Architectural buffs will find the old buildings fascinating due to the structure and designs of these historic buildings. 4. Shoppers will love Main Street because of all the shopping opportunities for arts, clothes, jewelry, and other assorted gifts for guests to purchase. 5. Built in 1922, the Regent Theatre is home to a plethora of plays, concerts, and movies. 6. A variety of celebrations are held throughout the year including the Celtic, Jazz Festival, the Authors Festival, and even a very unique Garlic Celebration that only vampires would not find enjoyable. 7. Near Picton is also the very popular summer destination, Sand Banks Park. Situated on a lovely bay Picton, Ontario, Canada there are a variety of activities that are interesting, entertaining, and just plain fun for the whole family.