Often described as fabulous and festive, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, was settled in the 1600 as a trading station started by French fur traders, and it sits on the edge of the remarkable Kaministiquia River. The settlements of Fort William and Port Author were combined to form this town and it became a hub for shipping products through to the interior of Canada.

There is such a variety of things to do and places to see that visitors to Thunder Bay will love to do.

1. The most popular area visited is the Fort William Historical center that is a replica of the original trading post with reproductions of the original buildings and re-enactments of the early settlement businesses and life.

2. The photographers in the group will love the Bluffs Scenic Lookout situated above the Current River and overlooking the Boulevard Lake and the great mesa known as the Sleeping Giant.

3. With numerous parks in the area, travels can take a stroll, or enjoy a picnic such as the Trowbridge Falls Park, the Current River Park, or the gorgeous Waddington Park.

4. For visitors appreciating the finer arts, the Thunder Bay Art Center premiers local artist’s work and provides several programs sponsored by the Historical Museum Society.

5. The Finnish Labour Temple celebrates the combined cultures of Canada and Finland and visitors can learn about their co-existing history, society, and culture.

For a unique destination, Thunder Bay offers a variety of activities for every traveler.