One of the most popular tourist destinations in Ontario is Wasaga Beach, Canada that is located on Nottawasaga Bay a couple hours drive from Toronto. It has nearly nine miles of stunning fresh water white sandy beach. Not only is this beach famous for being the longest in Canada, but the “Trail of the Caribou” flight took off from this beach, and this was the first flight originating in Canada that set off for England. This popular area of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada contains not only a popular beach, but also has other activities for visitors, such as: 1. Since the beach is so popular, it promotes picnics, swimming in the beautiful clean water, and lovely long walks along this famous beachfront. 2. Although a fire in 2007 destroyed many of the businesses along the waterfront, they are in the process of rebuilding the businesses; many were restaurants and great stores for tourists to go shopping. 3. For the tourists who enjoy the outdoors, the Nottawasaga River is perfect for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other water-related activities that are very popular. 4. Being this far north, it’s a popular destination in the winter months for skiing, snowshoeing, and riding the snowmobiles. 5. Photographers will be in absolute nirvana with the abundance of marvelous scenery in which to photograph. 6. Hikers and bikers will find a the nearby trails not only scenic but a great place to walk or bicycle. With an abundance of activities, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, is a very popular destination for tourists.