Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island (PEI), in Canada. It is located on the southern shore of PEI and has the Hillsborough River, Charlottetown Harbor, and North River bordering the city. And interestingly, Charlottetown is a V-shaped city. The city has a population of more than 32,000 with a growing population of Black-Canadians and Chinese-Canadians.

The temperatures vary throughout the year and the city has long summer days as well as bitterly cold days too. Summer has long, hot days. And in winter the days are too cold. Many downtown buildings are connected with cross walkways systems to help the people from not getting out in the cold. People engage in sports like skiing, dog sleighing, and snow shoeing during winter. Spring comes along with new vegetation and migratory birds.

The city is a host to many exciting events, sports, and outdoor festivals. There are theatres, performances, music concerts, dance shows, literary fests, craft and art shows, and so on. Other exciting views here are of the numerous hanging flowerpots line during summer in the streets and the lighting up of the city during winter.

Charlottetown was ranked second as the Best Places to do Business in Canada and is now attracting newer and better investors and companies. The central business district and several road corridors in the city are commercially developed as well.

The transport system in Charlottetown is well-developed with its transit trolleys shuttling commuters in and around the city and the Town of Stratford. The Charlottetown Transit provides scheduled bus services throughout the city. The place also has an airport, Charlottetown Airport. It also has a commercial port and a maritime terminal is under expansion now.