The famous Le Château Montebello, the biggest log cabin resort in the area is in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, and is a nature haven set on 65,000 acres of beautiful forest. There are more than 70 lovely lakes on the property that runs alongside the Ottawa River, and has many activities for visitors. When visiting the resort, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stated that this must be the biggest “log cabin” in the world. There are many activities available that guests to the property will find runs the gamut from relaxing to invigorating, such as: 1. There are wonderful ski trails that skiers will thoroughly enjoy in the wintertime, both down-hill and cross-country that is quite popular. 2. Golfers will also enjoy the nearby golf courses for a challenging game in this remarkable setting. 3. Other winter activities are available that include snowmobiling and going for a ride on a dog sled. 4. With the Ottawa River nearby, there is plenty of opportunity for fishermen to try their luck at catching one of the salmon running up the river. 5. Motor boating and sailing are also favorite pastimes in this beautiful resort. 6. With incredible scenery on this 65,000 acre resort, there are plenty of trails for hiking, biking, and backpacking. 7. Since it’s usually much too cool to swim in the river, the resort provides both indoor and outdoor pools for guests who love to swim. Montebello, Quebec, Canada is a beautiful resort set in the heart of Quebec that provides a variety of activities for the guests.