Located in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area of Quebec, Saint-Félicien, Quebec, Canada is a lovely town that was dedicated in 1964 when the first pioneers arrived in the area. It is a popular area for fishing and hunting and travelers will find a range of activities in the area that range from relaxing to exciting, and great fun for the whole family. There are some great activities that everyone in the family and tourists all over will enjoy in Saint-Félicien, Quebec, Canada, such as: 1. The most popular destination in the city is the zoo, situated on 485 acres and initially built in 1960. Complete with 80 varieties of animals including the popular bears such as Polar, Grizzly, and Black, plus tigers, camels, goats, buffalo, and many more. It contains a wide variety of indigenous species. 2. With more than 15 miles of mountain trails, mountain biking is extremely popular in this area, and the Cross-Country World Cup biking competition was held here in 2007. 3. In the wintertime, skiing is the most popular sport and tourists from all over participate in this great activity. 4. For the more outdoorsy tourist, there are plenty of campgrounds nearby which accommodating motorhomes and campers. 5. Fisherman from far and wide will enjoy the thrill and challenge of salmon fishing on the spectacular nearby rivers. 6. For the spelunkers, the Caverne Trou de la Fée has a ¾ mile walk along the Metabetchouane River to get to this amazing cave. Saint-Félicien, Quebec, Canada, is an interesting destination for an exciting vacation.