Picture cobbled streets, brightly painted villas and weekly fiestas – that is San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, for you. Famous for its thermal springs and old-colonial style architecture, San Miguel is also known as SMA. It is one of the most charming and captivating towns in Mexico. In 2008, it was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The town is home to a sizeable number of Americans who came to down to learn Spanish and Art and did not have the heart to leave the city.

There is something for every tourist in San Miguel – if you want to relax, head out to Jardin, the town square and while your time away listening to soulful music from the strolling student musicians. For the shopaholics, there is the Tuesday Flea Market where you get everything from fresh food to puppies and even spare bicycle parts. The cobbled streets of San Miguel are lined with innumerable shops selling local curios, ceramic pottery and other folk art. If you are interested in architecture, there are some breath-taking churches like Parroquia and the Oratorio. For the adventurous, there are bullfights at the Plaza del Toros Oriente and swimming at La Gruta, a park with four hot springs pools. It is best to visit the town between December to April when the days are not too hot and the nights are cool. The Easter week or Semanta Santa is a good time to visit the city when the streets are full of dances and musical parades.