Located at the 16°51′N 99°55′W, the land of Acapulco is also known as the Acapulco de Juárez. It is a major sea port and also an important city situated along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Belonging to the Guerrero state, it has a cumulative population of 717,766 souls with the inhabited area spanning up to 1,882.6 km2 (726.9 sq mi). The entire region is surrounded by mountains and is interiorly located with a pass through the mountain permitting the entry and exit. The passage is called Abra de San Nicolas and it also allows cool sea breezes to the city.

The city is believed to be inhabited since 3000 B.C., with pottery and evidences found in the form of ceramics which dates back to that period making it the oldest Mesoamerican civilization. The area enjoys a tropical climate with the summers being warm and sometimes hot (with a high precipitation level) and the winters are generally parched and sunlit.

Recent years have seen the city grow as a famous holiday resort. Reasonable airfares, appositely located beach resorts and some infrastructure development has made Acapulco a favorite for those who intend to spend their holiday with weekend cruises. The Mayan resorts have developed the city by building real estates and well developed star hotels to attract tourists to the famous ‘Acapulco Diamante’ (translated as ‘Diamond Acapulco’) zone.

Airlines of various countries connect the Acapulco airport located in the centre of the city. The interiors themselves are interlinked by busses and taxis which offer a better mode than conventional ‘walking’.