Situated at an altitude of 1600m (5200ft), Guadalajara the capital of Jalisco (a Mexican state on the Pacific Coast of Mexico) spans around the central region of the state and has a population of 1,579,174 souls. Named after a Spanish word meaning ‘valley of stones’, it has been ranked high among major Mexican cities for having the second strongest economic potential after Chicago.

The climatic conditions are such that the temperatures are mild throughout the year with unusual precipitation patterns which results in cooler days and warmer nights. Since summer monsoon brings rain, the month of July is the wettest month and March, the driest month.

Guadalajara is also known for its cultural wealth as it hosts a number of cultural and art festivals for the community of artists and people interested in culture, recognizing culture as a key factor of its development. It is an important centre of universities and educational centers with many universities established since 1791. The city has a variety of architectural styles with its architecture acquired from the French and Spanish including the 1500 city areas and many traditional dishes in the large variety of American restaurants. ‘The Guadalajara International Airport’ serves tourism with its two runways, and two terminals.

With commerce being one of the most dynamic activities of the city the industrial production of textiles and metalwork has become one of the secondary activities along with exports by food industry and areas of software development. Thus found in 1531 due to its leadership in software and informatics development, Guadalajara is now called the high tech capital of Mexico.