Manzanillo, a city which has one of the busiest port in Mexico. Having a population of 1, 10,728 souls and covering an area of 1,578 km2, it is located at 19°03′08″N 104°18′57″W.

Announced as “sailfish capital” of the world, Manzanillo conducts a sailfish tournament every year and is very famous for its beach resorts. Both in terms of total tonnage and volume of containerized cargo, it is the busiest port of Mexico. Thus the port acts as a major advantage and provides good revenue to the city.

Its ‘deep sea fishing’ and ‘green flash occurrence’ during sunsets, the city attracts a large volume of tourists throughout the year. Protruding out into the pacific from the heart of the city there are many hotels and self enclosed resorts erected on the peninsula, with one of its most famous hotels featuring in a number of Hollywood movies. This exciting place is connected by ferromex rail lines to Guadalajara and Mexico City. With no ground transportation here, the only means of transport is the airways. Manzanillo is also known for one small airport named ‘The Playa de Oro International airport’ where the daily domestic and international flights have been remodeled recently.

The city is compared to other cities like California and Saint Paul, Arizona, Minnesota of the United States and is also the home to the naval force of the pacific ocean where the most efficient port for tuna landings of Mexico are hosted.