Better known as P.V. the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, spans an area of 1,300.7 km2 (502.19 sq mi) and covers a population of 220,368. Located at 20°40′N 105°16′W within the state of Jalisco, the city has an altitude of 7 meters from the ground.

Archaeological proofs suggest the inhabitation of P.V. from early 580 B.C. by the Aztatlán culture; however the little evidence available does not give a deep insight into how the civilization lived and thrived or other details regarding the general life of people during that period.

A tropical climate prevails in the region with the summers being very hot making some months really unbearable. Unpredictable rains accompanied by storms are some of the climatic conditions of the city. The average temperature ranges from 21 °C to 30 °C during most part of the year.

Tourism amounts to 50% of the revenues collected for the city’s economy. This is concentrated through the months which involve ‘spring holidays’ of the colleges in the United States of America. Domestic tourists throng the city during weekends. Filled with hotels, clubs and beaches the city also attracts people who have retreated from work and want to settle down for a retired life.

The Lic. Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is considered as one of the biggest in the surrounding region and is competent enough to handle more than 40 take-offs or landing in an hour. With an adjustable climate, affordable cost of living and a good ambience, the city is excellent tourist destination.