In just a few minutes from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, you'll find the amazing and scenic Lookout Mountain. Located in a city of Walker County, Georgia, it boasts of several tourist attractions including the country's biggest hang gliding. History: The Mountain originates in Alabama, about 50 miles to the west and south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was populated by woodland Indians when Alexander the Great conquered it. Since then, Native Americans have lived here, such as the Cherokee and Creek Indians. Sights to See 1. Point Park: At the peak of Lookout Mountain is Point Park, an important battle site of the American Civil War. It was built in 1905 to commemorate the Battle of the Clouds, a part of the Civil War. 2. Ruby Falls: Near Chattanooga are Ruby Falls and its caves, situated within the Lookout Mountain. Take an elevator ride deep into the mountain and walk half a mile to the foot of the 145 feet high waterfall. 3. Rock City: Located near Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Lookout Mountain, it is so called for its many rock formations situated on the ridge and in the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. From here, the seven US states of Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia are visible. 4. Incline Railway: This is the steepest passenger railway in the world. Originally a mile-long railroad, this was the only way to ascend the mountain and take in the beautiful scenery. Get off the railroad and see Ruby Falls, Rock City and Point Park.