One of the greatest soldiers in the Continental Army is Nathan Hale, and in Coventry, Connecticut, the Nathan Hale Homestead is one of the most famous historical landmarks in the town. Nathan Hale was considered one of the greatest patriots and heroes in this war, and was famous for stating, 'I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.' In 1970, this house was added to the Registry of Historic Places in the US. There are several great things to learn while visiting the Nathan Hale Homestead, such as the following: - Nathan Hale never actually lived here, but he did live in a home on this property, but the original house was demolished and this one built in its place. - When it was believed Nathan was captured by the British during the Revolutionary war, the trunk with his belongings was returned to the family and resides in the house today. - The house was purchased and restored in 1914 by George Seymore who filled it with period pieces form the Revolutionary War, along with many artifacts and antiques from that era. - Many people believe this house is haunted, so be sure to look for the ghosts of Reverend Deacon Hale, Joseph Hale, Nathan's brother, Mary Griffith, the widow of the caretaker, and Lydia Carpenter, one of the Hale family servants. When in Coventry, Connecticut, be sure to stop by the Nathan Hale Homestead and learn about this great hero of the American Revolution.