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Cape Henlopen State Park, has been intended from the start as a place where Lewes and Sussex County citizen can freely enter for their personal enjoyment. Much is therefore to be expected from this place as it is fitted with a whole year fishing pier that anyone can use and also some campgrounds are designated for those willing to be in the middle of nature. Cape Henlopen is clearly a natural guarded place which can be easily be visited and enjoyed by everybody with an interest.

The park also has a bathhouse that can be used during the day as well as some other very useful amenities for the people. A surf-fishing zone, a disc golf course as well as a bicycle and walking facilities have been built. In the park, the nature around you is something special, untainted and beautiful.

The off season will see you entering without any fees but other than that a nominal tax of $4 is what you will have to pay for being allowed to visit... read more arrow
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The Delaware area is house to a very interesting museum that is targeted to the preservation of some very important antiques belonging to Henry Francis du Pont. Initially the whole Winterthur Museum and Country Estate was used as a country house, built in the 18th century and as such it has the period's architectural tone and construction pattern.

Winterthur Museum and Country Estate can be located near the Brandywine Creek and it has an astonishing 60 acres of naturalistic gardens that can be visited at any time. However what is most interesting to see is the collection that Henry Francis has gathered during his lifetime, of which of great interest and value is the tambour desk that was created by John Seymour and that, at the time it was purchased, it was valued at an excessive sum of 30,000 dollars. From that on, the collection has expanded.

The place is teeming with displays, with an astonishing number of 85,000 objects of the most diverse of nature that can be admired by anybody with an interest... read more arrow

* Regular pre-pandemic touristic activity level.

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