The Fenwick Island city of Delaware is located in the well known Sussex County and its residing population is quite small, amounting for a total number that doesn’t exceed 400 people. However it is part of a larger resort area that also includes some other famous beaches such as Dewey beach and South Bethany and it is largely intended for visitation and spending your vacation at the location. Together with those areas it can actually be concluded that the Fenwick Island is part of a large and greatly populated resort and as such it is part of a fast growing complex.

Fenwick Island has been known for quite some time to offer the greatest amenities for those who like wild parties and having a great time in the sun. It’s nice beaches are a landmark and have to be seen to be understand their level of attraction. Besides, restaurants are a nice addition for the place and you can go and enjoy some really nice food while the service is impeccable. Afterwards you can spend your time taking a walk up to the lighthouse and afterwards have your rest in one of the great hotels that are available.

Bear in mind that Fenwick Island is a small place packed with a lot of exciting adventures but at the same time the seclusion in no way hinders you from experiencing the amenities of civilization. The island is packed with a diversity of shops and other great establishments and a good time is guaranteed.