Delaware’s Winterthur is quite an interesting little community. It takes its name, apparently, from the Switzerland city of Winterthur and not even directly, but through a historical relationship that was shared between the Winterthur Museum and the country estate of Delaware. And the particularities do not end here. Being an unincorporated estate, that is not part of the municipality, and surprisingly the region does have all of those amenities. The small community is based around the economical exchanges that take part in its Winterthur Museum and Country Estate and most of the local in some way or another depend on the tourists that are attracted to this establishment. There are a number of programs that have been essential to the wellbeing of the estate such as the workshops that are annually organized and that extend beyond what is typically entertained by museums. For instance, getting to know in detail the fine arts and craftsmanship of decorative arts is something that you can become involved during your Winterthur stay. All in all, as a tourist, you will not be disappointed by the remarkable programs that are in place and also by the history and particularities of the little community. Whether a fine art lover or looking for a hands on approach, regarding the handling or the makings of it, you will find a different community and a different way of enjoying your vacation.