Situated right in the heart of Florida is the city of Orlando. Classified as the third largest city in the state of Florida, the city of Orlando is also the 8th largest metropolitan area in the southern region of the United States and is also recognized as one of the fastest developing cities in the Sunbelt region of the US.

While most of the other cities in the United States experience four different seasons throughout the year, the city of Orlando only experiences two. This is primarily due to the humid subtropical climate that hovers over the entire city. The summer months here can be rather hot and rainy due to the Atlantic hurricane season which occurs between the months of June and September. From October to May, Orlando is relatively dry, experiencing lesser events of rainfall and having moderate temperatures.

Because of its climate, Orlando has become one of the top tourist destinations in the United States all year round. Many of the landmarks of the United States could actually be found in this city. Perhaps the most popular of all the tourist attractions and destinations in Orlando is the Walt Disney World Resort. Apart from providing locals and tourists the usual sights and sounds that could be found in its Los Angeles counterpart, the Walt Disney World Resort also offers a beach resort with some of the finest hotel accommodations that would fit your budget and make your childhood dreams, and those of your children, come true.